The Knotty Wood Shop is a one-man woodworking shop that began by me, Loren Alexander, as a way to buy tools!  Yes, I am like all other men who have a passion to work with our hands, and create beautiful things from wood.  And we all know that you need tools---Lots and Lots of tools-- to accomplish this task.  So, I began to explain to my wife how my little beginning tools just won't work; how I needed BIGGER and BETTER.  And with this conversation, I explained how I could sell my work and pay for these BIGGER and BETTER tools.

Well, I have been somewhat successful in this task, but have decided to expand my marketing to the web.  Anything "world-wide" should bring in some business, don't you think.

To introduce myself, the picture on the right shows my other love, riding my Harley.  Throughout this site, you will find links to some of our (yes, I take my wife with me) rides. 

Welcome To The Knotty Wood Shop
So, to give a little more information on my woodworking skills, I have added a "recent projects" page to this website, to visually illustrate some of the items completed.  Some of the projects were designed to fulfill a particular need or space, some were gifts, and some were just fun.  (I'll include the projects completed at my wife's request in the "fun" category!)

Also I would like to introduce my woodworking buddy, Abby.  She really isn't very useful in the shop, but she is fun to watch.  What she does best is run into the shop and bark to let me know she needs me outside to assist in her attempt to capture a gopher.  I must say, she is getting pretty good at that challenge!